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Long-Term Development Vision

Long-Term Development Vision the Mandeni Municipality seeks to take strides to react to windows of opportunity, which are innovation, growth, prosperity, cost structure and technological advancement. As such, the municipality has formulated a vision statement that defines its medium to a long-term goal and pledges a future characterised by an improved quality of life, higher service levels and accountable leadership to the people of Mandeni and all other interested and affected parties. The vision paints a picture of a bright future for Mandeni, indicates the manner in which stakeholders, both internal and external, should perceive the Mandeni area and sets a clear direction and expectations within which the entire organisational strategy is framed.

Mission Statement

Further to the vision statement outlined on the previous page, Mandeni Municipality has developed a mission statement that sets the tone for every decision that the municipality makes in order to achieve its vision. The brief mission statement defines the organisation and seeks to set it apart from the other municipalities. MandeniMunicipality will achieve the development vision by following a culture of Core values in keeping with the principles of Batho Pele our conduct will be guided by the following: