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On 31 May 2022, His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose tabled the Intergrated Development Plan and Final Annual Budget for the 2022-23 Financial Year during the sitting of a Council Meeting at Sibusisiwe Hall.

The final budget speech follows a month long IDP consultation meetings with REP Forums, Community members and various stakeholders such as sector departments, NGO’s and Organized community structures. Core to his speech was detailing the areas which require monetary reinforcement and plans to ensure funds are utilized accordingly to service the community of Mandeni.

“The Medium-Term Expenditure Framework proposes a total budget of R367 million for the 2022/23 financial year. It appropriates a total operating expenditure of R361 million and capital expenditure of R 78 million. The amount of R72,9 million has been funded from the reserves / investments which is funding the Capital budget and Depreciation for the year” said Mdlalose.

The Mayor also highlighted the increases in tariffs, “An increase of 4.8 per cent is proposed to be effected on Rates Tariffs; 7.47 per cent increase in proposed for electricity tariffs as per MFMA circular 115, Refuse and other sources of revenue have been aligned to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation of 4.8 per cent. NERSA has approved 7.47 per cent tariff increase in 2022/23 financial Year. Bulk Purchase has approved an increase of 8.6 per cent in 2022/23 Financial Year”

Mdlalose also shared that a host of cost cutting measures had to be done in order to ensure that the 2022-23 circle caters for all the community needs.

“As part of the Municipalities cost reprioritization and cash management strategy, vacancies have been significantly rationalized to be aligned with the IDP Priorities”

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