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On April 27 2022, Mandeni Local Municipality rolled-out numerous social cohesion events aimed at celebrating Freedom Day. The day-long festivities held at Isithebe Park saw scores of both young and old people coming together for a fun run early in the day, football matches were also an order of the day with a peaceful march against social ills also taking center stage. The day was folded with the planting of trees at the homes of the victims of the recent GBV cases as a gesture of bringing hope to their families.

These events were held in partnership the Department of Agriculture, SAPS, various Church formations, local Non-Profit Organizations and Local Businesses.

Speaking during the day, Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Bhekithemba Magwaza, urged the participants in the various sporting codes to continue involving themselves with sports over being associated with drug and substance abuse.

“Sports has the power not only to save you from social ills but to also help you change the situation back home. It has changed the fortunes of millions of people across the world, if it can happen to them, it can also happen to you”

The day’s proceedings went well and were folded with a kind gesture of planting trees in the families of the victims of GBV, this was warmly welcomed by the beneficiaries.

Furthermore, the Municipality has a well maintained relationship with various sector departments, Non-profit organizations and business sector that assist in ridding the community of Gender Based Violence.

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