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On 05 March 2022, Mandeni Local Municipality held the 2022/23 IDP Representative Forum Meeting at the Council Chambers, the meeting yielded positive engagements centered around transforming Mandeni into a self-sustainable economic hub, conducive for investors and citizens alike. The meeting also sought to create and maintain synergy between the Municipality and various sector departments who provide services to the people of Mandeni.

During this gathering, various sector departments were offered an opportunity to outline their plans, projects and programmes within Mandeni in the current financial year. ESKOM Planned Electrifications, SANRAL,Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Department of Education and Edtea are among the key stakeholders who formed part of this gathering.

His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose lauded a gathering of this kind and noted that it gives the Municipality a direction which it should take in order to ensure services are delivered adequately and in line with the plans of various sector departments.

“As a Municipality, we can hear what our people need, plan for those things and send proposals to sector departments, however that exercise will be fruitless if we do not know what is in the coffers of these departments. We appreciate them for coming forward and tabling their plans for us, they are giving us something to report on to the people of Mandeni and work on ways to ensure all budgets are exhausted accordingly” said Mdlalose.

“We are committed to being an open book, serve our people exactly the way the deserve to be served, include them in all the processes and prioritize their needs” further said Mdlalose.

In his conclusion, the Mayor called for cohesion in working relations, asked for a renewed way of ensuring that the people of Mandeni enjoy government services equally.

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