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From (left to right) Mandeni Local Municipality, EDPHS Director, Dumisani Mbongwa, DFM Managing Director, Neeran Balgobind, His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose, DFM first female supervisor, Ms. T. Mthiyane and Mandeni Council Speaker, Cllr. Bheki Magwaza.

DATE: 15 MARCH 2021



On 14 March 2021, Dynamic Fibre Moulding Packaging Solutions (DFM) caught alight, the accidental brazen fire demolished the warehouse structure at the firm. Mandeni Local Municipality Firefighters worked tirelessly to put out the fire with the help of brave employees and community members.

On 15 March 2021, His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose led a delegation to meet with DFM management to find amicable solutions for both employees and management. The meeting yielded positive engagements with both parties speaking in one voice and calling for the protection of jobs.

DFM Managing Director, Neeran Balgobind, also echoed the company’s commitment to ensuring that jobs are not lost, he further thanked the employees who risked their lives to save some of the equipment within the warehouse.

“Management are both grateful and humbled by the efforts of our dedicated employees who worked tirelessly to defend the equipment and machinery of the company during the fire. We have begun assessing the extent of the damages and the readiness of our machines to recommence operations within the next few weeks.” said Balgobind

The incident comes at a time when DFM had just begun to overcome its financial difficulties of recent years and the company was engaged in exploring new and innovative applications for moulded fibre products and packaging. DFM already offers a wide range of egg packaging available throughout South Africa and supplies a large portion of both the formal and informal egg producers in South Africa. DFM also offers Dairy Packaging, Distribution Packaging, Protective Packaging and Cushion Packaging and of recently, fruit and vegetable punnets.

Since its inception in 1993, DFM has played a huge role in improving the livelihood of the people of Mandeni through its generous contributions to NPO’s, employment for locals and overall wellbeing of society.

Speaking after the meeting the Mayor shared the Municipality’s concern following the accident and vowed to continue engaging with DFM until normality has been restored.

“It is unfortunate that this happened at the back of COVID-19 enforced economic hardships in our country. We are looking to work closely with DFM to ensure the company does not disinvest, and the interest of employees are put forth.”

Keeping companies afloat is in line with the Municipality’s vision to become a sustainable economic hub by 2030. We will work together with various stakeholders to ensure Mandeni investors are safe and competitive in order to create jobs for our people.

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